Web Finance Holding /previous name 'Finance consulting'/ is a joint stock company established in 2002. The core activity of the company is in the areas of: consultancy and debt portfolio management; management of insolvent businesses; legal consultancy. Web Finance Holding specializes in the area of debt acquisition and collection. The company manages large number of debts, acquired through debt portfolio acquisitions.


During the past years, Web Finance Holding has acquired the assets of most of the Bulgarian banks, which became insolvent during the bank crisis in 1997. Among the banks that we acquired are: First Private Bank, TS Bank, International Trade and Development Bank, Agricultural Credit Bank, Crystal Bank, Capital Bank, Dobrujanska Bank.


Apart from acquiring insolvent banks and their debt portfolios, Web Finance Holding services most of the contemporary Bulgarian banks, facilitating their current debt collections in both the retail and company lending sectors of their business. Among our partners are: Unicredit Bulbank, Eurobank EFG Bulgaria, DSK Bank, Bulgarian Development Bank, United Bulgarian Bank and Central Cooperative Bank.


Starting from 2010, Web Finance Holding commenced building a holding structure in the sphere of the financial services on local level – Bulgarian market. Since then, Web Finance Holding has accomplished several successful acquisitions. The list of full and partial acquisitions includes:


• Life Insurance Company Saglasie JSC;

• Concord Asset Management JSC;

• Efko Group JSC;

• BM Leasing JSC;

• Saglasie Ins Broker LTD;

• Cash Advance Bulgaria LTD;

• TAO Building LTD;

• Control Engineering JSC;

• SPTM Hypocrat LTD;

• Sitniakovo Investments LTD;

• Pension Assurance Company Saglasie;

• Texim Bank.

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