Life Insurance Company “Saglasie” JSC The company holds a permit № 1211-ZJ for life insurance activity on the territory of Bulgaria, issued by the Financial Supervision Commission on 20.12.2006


BM Leasing is fully licensed as a non-banking financial institution and is reporting to and uses information from the Credit Register of BNB. The licensing process included approval of the origin of shareholder capital and the educational and professional background of management. The company operates through 3 offices in the largest cities of Bulgaria - Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna with a staff of 22 as of June 30, 2018.


BM Leasing AD was set up in 1996 and is one of the oldest leasing companies in the country. In 2006 BAF (Balkan Accession Fund) acquired 67% of BM Leasing’s capital through its Dutch company EELF (Emerging Europe Leasing & Finance) B.V. Since October 2016 the company is 100% owned by Web Finance Holding JSC


Concord Asset Management JSC The company holds a permit for asset management № 389-UD of 15.06.2005 and license issued by the Financial Supervision Commission. The license includes: Management the activity of mutual funds related to investing in securities of cash raised through public offering of shares / units; valuation of the portfolios of the mutual funds and determinig their net asset value as well as calculation of the issue value and the redemption price of the shares / units of the fund; Keeping of the accounting books, maintaining and preserving the records of the mutual funds as well as fulfilling all obligations which ensue for mutual funds in this connection.


By 31 December 2012 Concord Asset Management JSC manages the following mutual funds: Concord Fund 1 – Shares and bonds, Concord Fund 3 – Realties, Concord Fund 4 – Energetics, Concord Fund 5 – CIE, Concord Fund 6 – Monetary, Standard Investment – High Yield Fund, Standard Investment – Balanced Fund, Standard Investment – International Fund, and Standard Investment – Conservative Fund. Concord Asset Management JSC also manages the open-type investment entity - Concord Fund 2 – Shares JSC, and manages individual investment portfolios including portfolios of institutional investors. is one of the leading web media internet sites providing detailed real-time quotes for the Bulgarian Stock Exchange -Sofia (BSE). It is one of the most appreciated and visited by investors information site due to the detail of provided information. The site is based on state-of-the-art technology with real-time interface to BSE.


Saglasie Ins Broker Ltd is an insurance brokerage company licensed by the Financial Supervision Commission with license number №306-3Б/29.07.2011 issued under article number 160, paragraph 1 of the Insurance Code of Republic of Bulgaria.


In October 2015 “Web Finance Holding” JSC acquired “TAO Building” Ltd and “Simeonovo Project Estate” Ltd (currently “Park Way Plovdiv” Ltd) formerly owned by the Austrian Group Immorent.


Both companies operate in the are of property construction, management and lease.


As of 2018 “Park Way Plovdiv” Ltd develops a new combined building project – residential and commercial in the city of Plovdiv .


“TAO Building” Ltd owns and operates TAO Building located on Todor Alexandrov Blvd in Sofia.


TAO Building consists of 6500 sq. m. leasable area. By July 2018, the building is occupied at 99% of its capacity


Control Engineering JSC is a construction company. Control Engineering JSC holds 176 314 shares, or 27.13% of the share capital of Super Borovets Property Fund JSC. The sole proprietor of Control Engineering JSC is Super Borovetz Property Investment JSC.


Pension Insurance Company Saglasie is the 3rd largest pension insurance company in Bulgaria, in terms of Assets under management as per the end of 2013. The company was established in 1995. The Company has a broad regional network of offices across the country with competent, experienced and professionally trained employees. By the end of 2013 the total assets under management are EUR 423,172 million market share of 12.13%, total participants of 513,045 and market share of 12.25% in terms of number of insured persons.


Texim Bank Plc is one of the first private banks on the Bulgarian market. It was constituted in 1992 by more than 4,000 shareholders. Since February 2013 the bank became a public company by listing its shares on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange. Currently the Bank operates as fully integrated operator of financial services covering the entire spectrum of banking services. The bank is a well positioned entity with rich history and proven growth trends. Web Finance Holding JSC is the biggest shareholder of Texim Bank Plc by holding 19.96% of the bank's share capital, since 2011.